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We Have a Ghost movie - Netflix

We Have a Ghost, a new horror-comedy from writer-director Christopher Landon, might prompt Dinesh Vijan to take out a piece of paper and start taking

We have Got a Ghost Movie

Kevin's family becomes a viral sensation on social media after learning that their home is haunted by a ghost by the name of Ernest. Nevertheless, the CIA turns on Kevin and Ernest after they unravel the enigma behind Ernest's past.

Netflix's latest horror comedy is a passable hark back to a more innocent time in Hollywood filmmaking, but it can't help but feel a little jaded.

Trailer of We Have A Ghost

Movie Name We Have the Ghost
Stream on Netflix
Release Date 24 February 2023
Genre Adventure, Comedy and Family
Director Christopher Landon
Produced by Marty Bowen, Dan Halsted
Casting Jahi Di'Allo Winston, David Harbour, Anthony Mackie
Budget 75.3 Million USD

We Have A Ghost Movie : Review

We Have a Ghost, a new horror-comedy from writer-director Christopher Landon, might prompt Dinesh Vijan to take out a piece of paper and start taking notes. The new Netflix movie, which resembles a cross between Casper and The Haunting of Hill House, stars David Harbour as the amiable ghost Ernest and Anthony Mackie as Frank, a businessman with a spotty past and a chip on his shoulder.

We Have a Ghost movie - Netflix

The two former Marvel employees, however, only play supporting roles in this movie; instead, newbie Jahi Di'Allo Winston, best known for the Sundance film Charm City Kings, plays the lead. He portrays the troubled adolescent Kevin, who is sick of his family's repeated attempts at "fresh starts," mostly as a result of his father's errors. Everyone seems to be sick of Frank's quick-money scams, including Kevin's older brother and their mother. Yet when Ernest shows up in the attic of their new home and Frank sees dollar signs, the entire family reluctantly decides to entertain him.

We Have a Ghost : Audience Review

Please keep your comments about this movie to yourself. A lot of the acting and conversation in this movie is shoddy and forced, and several of the characters aren't very well-developed. Nonetheless, despite its sharp wit and satire and considerable emotional depth, this movie is great. In fact, despite its false veneer, this movie has a soul, much like Earnest himself.

As already said, the comedy, while not always on point, is hilarious in numerous instances. This movie does a fantastic job of parodying normal ghost movies, and it essentially flips the clichés. Yet, the writers knew when to tone down the humour and allow the movie take itself seriously, and I'm not even kidding when I say that I cried several times throughout the movie, especially as it got closer to the finish.

The use of wordless characterization in this movie is something I'd really like to applaud. Thanks to David Harbour and the writing staff's talent, the title character Earnest is able to express his or her thoughts and feelings throughout the course of the narrative with just a few words. You don't see this kind of characterization very often these days, and while it can be a little risky to rely on the viewer to interpret a silent character, this movie did a great job of it.

Ultimately, I don't think this movie will win any Oscars, but at least among Netflix Originals, it's a funny, wholesome movie that deserves to be praised for its accomplishments. Unlike to a lot of movies and TV series these days, you can tell that the creators of this one genuinely cared about the work they were doing, and for the vast majority of the movie, that concern is evident.

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